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Did anyone steal your content or take credit for your work or didn’t give due credit? I recently had this unusual experience for the first time ever on one of the social media platforms and I call it a ‘Virtually Robbery.’

cartoon of keerthi saying copying without permission is stealing

Now, let me skip the naming and shaming part and get on with the story. 

To start with, one who is acquainted with my blog would know by now that it is mostly Photo-centric as the name of the blog suggests. Photography is the language I speak more effectively, and that is no less than a passion for me or say the ONLY activity I adore the most! Hence, recently on a social media platform, when the photos I clicked at a particular place got appreciation from so-called concerned people who maintain that account (ahem! Let’s call the social media account as ‘X’), I was on cloud 9! Well, who wouldn’t be right? It made my day as all the photos I uploaded tagging ‘X‘ got the likes and also overwhelming positive comments from none other than ‘X’!

My ‘cloud 9’ moment lasted only for a couple of minutes though!

It was only later I figured out that, ‘X’ used one of my clicks in their social media account by removing the logo and didn’t even have the courtesy to at least give credits to me, the one who actually captured that photo! I am sure you can imagine the rage I felt! The feeling of being robbed was not ready to leave me that soon. So, my immediate thought at that instance was to publicly bash ‘X’ for pulling that petty act.

I almost finished typing the comment, but something stopped me from doing it. Maybe that was a good memory I associate with that place! I gave it a second thought and dropped a private message to ‘X’ instead of the comment! I let my rage out and even complained but didn’t lose my cool. I kept it as polite as possible but still making sure that my voice was heard.

cartoon of keerthi saying are you kidding me? we need to talk. This is serious. Stop Stealing

‘How could they do that? Why did they do that?’ those questions haunted me like a pair of ghosts!

cartoon of keerthi asking why

X’ replied with a sorry and apologised for their mistake. Though they modestly presented it as an unintentional mistake, I strongly doubted that! As, when I checked the timeline of the stealing act and commenting on my photos, it revealed a complete contrast of their explanation altogether.

I was like…

cartoon of keerthi clapping sarcastically

Due credits were given to me after the whole episode, but still, ‘X’ has lost both my respect and the first impression I had of them! The only up-side of this experience was that I learned how to tackle such situations and fight for what is rightfully mine no matter what!

cartoon of keerthi say just my 2 cents

A day after this happened, I researched a lot on what we can do to protect our content and came across some handy blog posts like what to do when someone copies your content, What to do when someone takes credit for your work and how to find out the content scrapers, which explains clearly about the raving issue, what to do about it? and how to handle content scrapers?

What ever the content might be, irrespective of text, image or the hard work you put to finish a work, you have complete authority of it. Also, it is not wrong at all to point out someone who tries to take credit for your hard work. Be adamant and throw tantrums like…

cartoon of keerthi saying stop stealing content

That was the end, Of Solomon Grundy!

It was indeed one hell of an experience!

If you ever come across such a situation how would you handle it?

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