Let’s admit; the pain we go through to keep tabs on the air dates of our favorite TV series is no simple task!

The pain is real for a person like me who tends to forget things in a blink. Keeping track of timezone difference is the most troubling aspect for me. As most of them I watch are American and English Series, somehow I am always confused about the airdate and time in India. I have always wondered how many keep track of the television series they watch! I am sure there would be many who would miss out on latest episodes due to busy work schedule.

Have you ever wondered about an App that can ease your pain by getting the list of all your favourite TV series under one roof?

The App I am going to talk about today is a perfect fit in that category. It has a tick on every feature you would ever dream for that application to have.

TV Time is one such app available on both iOS and Android, which gets all your favorite series and the TV shows you wish to watch under one roof and makes it difficult for you to miss out on the latest episodes! With its simple and user-friendly app structure and layout, it is one of the best and most used apps in this category with over a million+ users on a daily basis. All you need to do is; download the app, sign-up/login and add your favorites series to the watchlist!

The best part here is the sections they have here based on the different online streaming websites like Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Youtube, ABC, etc., and it also presents you with options like most added shows, trending shows, Anime shows, etc.,

My favorite part is where the app shows you recommendations which are specially curated for you. Many factors play a crucial part in showing you the recommendations like; shows that individual watched, shows that are on the watchlist, most searched shows, shows watched by one’s friends, one’s engagement with the community, shows that you like.

There are many more filters at your service to choose from like the genre, network, status (upcoming, watched, ending, etc.,). One can choose from all these options according to one’s liking. It’s uniqueness to filter from all those mediums such as Netflix, Amazon, HBO, and so on makes its consumer to quickly catch up with the shows they watch from where they left off.

“The app is tracking 8 billion episodes that are being telecasted on TV which contains episodes from every platform that exists,” TV Time COODan Brian explains. “We also have a complete view of what people watch, which allow us to make the best recommendations to you as to what to watch next.”

Not only that, TV Time allows you to connect with people who follow the same tv show via community groups and one can also take part in the community discussions on every episode telecasted. The statistics that show your screen-time gets updated once you mark an episode/season as watched. This feature helps in tracking overall screen-time and limit those hours based on statistics.


Also, do not miss to activate the notifications to get the most out of this app.


A wide range of features and remarkably user-friendly layout makes TV Time by far the best among a lot of apps (on both Android and iOS) used for this purpose. TV Time makes sure that do not miss to watch your favorite shows and even notifies you of the new episodes. This app allows you to set aside time to stream or watch the TV shows you love each week/day.

P.S.: Please note that this app is useful if you already have a method for watching your favourite shows and just wanted a reminder to stay on informed of the release schedule. This app does not stream the episodes online.

Download: TV Time for iOS | TV Time for Android (Free)

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