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Let us be realistic; shopping lingerie is not an easy task, especially a bra, period.

I can swear on this fact because in my teenage years if there was something I was very reluctant in doing, that was going along with my mom to shop for lingerie! I was very adamant and always felt uncomfortable to go to a retail store that sells lingerie either by myself or in the company of someone else.

Till today the question, Why do they have men at these stores? haunts me like a ghost!

bra hanging in a store

Frankly, I do not have any problem with men working at these stores, but sadly all my encounters with the stores I visited ended up like those scary horror stories that trouble my dreams. There wasn’t even a single encounter where I felt comfortable. It was vastly because of those shady glances I used to get by men who work there. There was this instance when I dared to visit a retail lingerie store along with Amma after a long gap. It was after a girly talk I had with my friend expressing my discomfort. As my friend suggested, I asked Amma if she can get me a Slip-on bra. To which Amma responded, ‘Why not? If it provides extra comfort, then you should definitely try it.’  And she added ‘In fact, why don’t you come along? Let’s go and buy now.’

woman holding flowers

Amma did all the talking. I was dead silent and was just gazing in any direction but where the salesman of the shop was standing. She asked him to show a Slip-on bra of a particular size. What happened after that literally shook me! He dared to share a giggle with a person(male) standing beside him, then turned towards me and lowered his gaze by 45° and answered, ‘Madam, I think that would be too small. Take this one (pointing at another bra size)…This would look really good…’ in a wicked tone.

Though Amma gave him an earful before we walked out from the store, after that incident, I felt so threatened that I stopped going to lingerie stores altogether, be it alone or in someone’s company. At times, when my mom shopped for me and the size didn’t fit me, I used to wear it without complaining. As a result of that, I had to face the worst days! I had to bear the side effect of rash for wearing a wrong size. Ah! What not? The struggles I faced were countless during that time.

Cut to present.

bras hanging in a wardrobe

I feel glad that many online stores have emerged which specifically deal with women’s lingerie. I do not remember the last time I went to a retail store to purchase inner-wear. I am now free to select from a vast collection of 24 different bra sizes and over 70 different styles at the comfort of home; my safe haven! On top, there is no one to judge me; That’s the perk of it!

One of my favourite online stores that I frequently shop from is Zivame. One thing I love about this online store is the way they curated their products for the diverse needs of women, which is based on their core principle, that is;

‘A Women shouldn’t have to ‘fit into’ anything, be it lingerie or life.’

Not that I haven’t tried out products from other online stores, but, it is just that I always got back to this particular store online. Being curvy, it is a difficult task for me to find the right product and right size, but, this store solved all my problems! It has become my go-to for lingerie shopping without a second thought!

women wearing a slip on

Life has become much more comfortable with the introduction of online shopping that, I do not have to face the discomfort of those dirty looks and lewd comments ever again!

Were you ever in such uncomfortable position as me? How did you deal with such lewd salesmen? It would be great to hear your experiences and learn from them. Also, don’t forget to mention your go-to when it comes to shopping for lingerie online in the comments.

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