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It was a weekend and sun is up high in the sky, but every IT professional wants to enjoy that extra 5 minutes of sleep; Not their fault though! Who doesn’t want that?

‘After those exhausting and stressed out days of work, only thing I want to do is have a sound sleep in my cozy bed!’ I thought, enjoying my moment of peace.

Well, it was one such day! Dhruv was irritated as usual by the time I woke up as we get to spend lot of time together only on weekends and I wasted almost half-a-day out of 2 days! On some days, I even wake up with a thought of quitting my job and start a small household business but the thought comes to a halt as soon as my mind taunts my heart and reminds me of the responsibilities we need to take care off, so that risk is kept at bay!

My lazy self was not yet ready to get up. Still rolling in bed, I picked up my phone to check FB news feed. The first thing that popped on my screen was ‘on this day’ news feed. I started sliding the pictures we posted 3 years back on this date, which were of our last trip.

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I kind-of blanked out seeing that post and released the fact that, it’s been 3 years since we had planned a holiday and in all these years, Dhruv never complained of me not being available as I used to once!

For a moment, everything was blank and It was only when hubby started talking that I jumped back to present.

What happened to me? I wanted to be a world traveller once! Actually, that was something we both connected on when we first started out as friends in college. Our long talks about travelling the world and exploring new places never seemed to end. I didn’t even notice when I pushed our lives in a mechanical cycle.

I stared at him with quilt, softly pulled him close to me and wrapped my hands around him. Dhruv was of course happy and even let out a blush (which he never admits though!) but yet, he was in a confused state as it seemed like ages since we last experienced such a loving moment together. Weekend passed quickly but this thought lingered in my mind and disturbed me a lot.

‘It is time that I plan for a long vacation which I had been postponing for long!’ I thought.

Our anniversary is due in 2 months and the best gift I could give him is my TIME! So, without a second thought I bombarded Google with my questions. After all, a surprise vacation needs a lot of planning and I wanted everything perfect for this special day. I didn’t have to put a lot of thought in deciding the destination as that was the easiest part; I choose ‘Switzerland’, Dhruv’s favorite!

It was during my research that I found a web link of Lufthansa Airlines. Just the hashtag #SayYesToTheWorld visible at start of the page was enough to grab my attention and then there was this interesting question ‘What would you like to say YES! to?’

What excited me the most was the text below that question!; ‘Tell us where it is and you might win the trip of a lifetime’. There was even a beautiful and inspirational video they posted on the same context, where, one can see different people, from all around the world answering to the question, ‘Why do you love the world?’

Watching so many people from different countries and cultures share their thoughts  about why do they love the world inspired me and filled my heart with enthusiasm, which I somehow lost over the years!

‘I would anyway plan this surprise even if I do not win that contest, but, it would be an additional bonus if I win, so ‘Why not?’ I thought. With my heart filled with hope, I pointed out ‘Switzerland’ on the globe from the website and submitted my entry without a moment of delay!


All those loving moments from our last vacation flashed in my mind and a ‘lovely smile’ decorated my face!

Through this piece of fiction I want to point out how important it is to spend time with your family or dedicate some time for yourself and make that vacation happen which is being shelved in your heart for long!

We all should love the world we live in, explore the beauty it has to offer and try to find that lost travel inspiration we once had in us.

At the end, long lost traveler in Nisha said ‘YES! to exploring every corner of this world’, YOU SHOULD TOO!

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