Before I start with my review, I have a question for you!

‘Do you love food?’

Well, I LOVE food and sometimes feel like I kind-of LIVE for food! I know, it sounds a bit too much, but what can I do when that is the truth! I would say, those amazing talks we have with loved ones over a scrumptious meal are the most precious moments. My grandpa repeatedly tells me (most of the time stops me as well!) to stop talking while eating, but I somehow end up doing the exact opposite!

My love for food is such that if any of my friends even suggests a quaint idea of meeting over breakfast/lunch/dinner, I most certainly make that happen! So, naturally, when my friend heard a rave review about this restaurant SO. The Sky Kitchen located in Film Nagar and suggested that we pay a visit, I was all in for that idea!

Being a vegetarian, my review would be about the vegetarian dishes that I tried here and as I was in a hurry, couldn’t explore many options but will try to visit again soon.

One of the first things that caught my attention as we entered was the open air seating they had on one side of the restaurant. It does not fall into a complete open air category though. One can also witness a beautiful view of sunset from here!


Seating was spacious and it not being one of those sunny days, the cool breeze was an excellent add-on! If not for that, the Hyderabad weather would roast you up!

Now getting on to food, our lunch started with a welcome drink; Fruit Punch. It was fairly good and had a tinge of freshness in it. It was a bit sweet and sour in taste. Though it was a mixed-fruit drink, the flavor of Guava dominated.


I tried two starters/sides. From the Indian menu, I chose ‘Hara Kebab‘, which was made with spinach and had a bit of cheesy flavor to it. I am not a Kebab fan, but I liked this starter. It was cooked perfectly, soft inside and crispy outside.


Next in line was a ‘Dips Platter‘. It was served with Salsa, Hummus and a Creamy Herb dip along with Nachos, Pita bread and Croutons. Salsa and Hummus dip was tasty and lip smacking but the Creamy Herb dip was not that appetizing. It seemed more like an amalgamation and lacked flavor. Nachos were perfectly seasoned and tasty, so was Pita bread. But, Croutons were very dry.


We moved on to the main course and I ordered regular Indian dishes. Paneer Labaabdaar, Roti and Steamed Rice. Roti was not soft and a bit burnt too; a big turn-off!


Steamed Rice was soft and perfectly cooked.


Coming to the curry; Paneer was soft as malai and just melted in the mouth. Also, a rich and creamy gravy added an extra factor to the already delicious and soft Paneer.


To finish, for desserts, we had Fresh Fruit Trifle and Dark Chocolate Brownie.
Fruit Trifle tasted good with fresh fruit topped with whipped cream, which was light and fluffy.

Coming to brownie, it was served with a coconut flavored cream on the side. Brownie lacked that soft and gooey texture from inside and crunchy crust on the outside. I loved the cream they served along with it though!


The ambiance was good and so was the environment around. I loved the open air terrace setting they have that encourages me to visit again soon and explore other cuisines like Thai and Italian!

Though I didn’t mention about Non-veg dishes in my review elaborately, I would like to add that my friend who accompanied me tried Butter Prawns, Pan Fried Chili Fish, Labaabdaar Chicken and he liked all those three dishes. Most of all, he couldn’t stop talking about ‘Butter prawns’ for quite some time, which means that he liked it a lot! 


That’s all from my end folks!

Overall, it was a pleasant experience and a delicious lunch! I had a great time and will visit again soon.

Do check this place out and let me know what you guys feel and how you liked it?

Also, do visit my blog again for some more tasty and yummy reviews 🙂

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