I believe there is no other feeling worse than wait! My story of wait for the past three hundred sixty-five days felt like a pause in my life, and the break seemed like ages.

I couldn’t get myself to sleep the whole night; well obviously, the fervent part of me is responsible for it. Every minute I tried to fall asleep on my bed, I got a feeling like the bed is freckled with barbs, and frankly, I couldn’t suffice the strength to deal with the wait.

Finally, to my relief, the sun was up, and the beautiful bright yellow light that kissed my eyes gave me a feel of him. Within no time, I was ready and took off to meet him; that 40 minutes’ drive didn’t seem to end!

I admit without any guilt that there was this one time when I gave up on the wait and looked for alternatives to forget that unendurable pause in my life. However, I went down the path only to come out of it with a feeling of regret.

“You are here Keerthi and just a few moments away from being close to him…” these words played in my head like a loop.

The nerve biting feeling of wait almost killed me as I reached the 6th floor. What can I say, I could smell his scent right from the 3rd floor!

 The elevator stopped at the floor with a sound…


And my heart raced along with it…

I was finally there, on the 6th floor of the building; at his residence. As I entered the apartment, the reflection of his image left a tinge of yellow sparkle in my eyes.

And there I stood holding my first mango of the season! I stood there apologizing for opting a ‘Calcium carbide induced’ mango over him by notwithstanding the wait a little longer (wink)!

“No matter how the world puts us isolated, you will always be in my heart, deep down in my every thought…” I said to him as I prepared myself for a year-long wait ahead of me.

Mango mallika lined in a plate
Mango mallika lined in a plate

Thats all for today folks…I sign off with a hope to see you soon…!

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