When I was one or two years old, the doctor my parents took me to suggested the intake of eggs for an increase in calcium levels instead of medication. The reason behind that being; I was born with calcium deficiency. Though we belong from an orthodox Brahmin family, my parents opted to go with an available natural supplement over pills as it is always better without any side effects. Also, another reason being they were not ok with dumping medicines into my body at that small age.

Till date, I secretly thank that doctor for introducing me to my favourite food.

My craving for food made using egg is something I cannot actually sum up in a few lines. There could not be a better day for me to talk about it than today as it is World Egg Day. So, I thought why don’t I write something about it introducing a new food kitchen I visited, Eggsplode!


As the name suggests, it is indeed a heaven for food lovers like me; especially for someone who is mad about eggs and can live by having eggs for three meals. I recently had an opportunity to attend a menu tasting along with my friend, Raghav and flatter my tummy with those delicacies. Rana, our host and also the founder of Eggsplode, was very patient and informative the whole time and addressed all our questions without fail. Before I miss to mention, let me talk about the dedication the founder of Eggsplode showed in introducing healthy meal options without a lot of fats and carbs. They succeeded in creating a balanced meal with the right amount of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Each and every recipe is curated to meet that good factor. All the vegetables and eggs they purchase are the outcome of organic farming, and even the bread used it unique. I do not want to bore you more, So, let us explore the yummy world of food now!

To start with, a salad was served which was loaded with the crunchy vegetables that were wrapped with a hint of mayonnaise, salt, and pepper. The veggies were so juicy that I could literally hear the crunch as I chewed. Now, one might think, what is the big deal, it is just a simple salad with a mayonnaise base. But, the trick here that made it enjoyable is the quality of the vegetables used and also not compromising on the time and effort to present it! Yes, you heard it right, simple details like these, make a lot of difference!

Veggie Salad

The next item we tasted blew me away! Of all the foods in the world, I couldn’t have expected buttermilk to create that feeling in me. Yes! Yet again a simple combination like plain buttermilk with a touch of spices and the king of the show, Cucumber created magic! I can still taste the freshness on my palate as I write about it! We were so in love with that healthy beverage that, we ended up having another glass of Cucumber buttermilk before we left from there!

Cucumber buttermilk

Next up was something we rarely get to see or say, is not commonly available in all the restaurants, that is ‘Frittata’. It is made using eggs with a base of potato grate, a touch of spices and crunchy veggies to go with it. Eggs helped in creating a silky & gooey outer layer, vegetables provided that extra crunch and potato added a softness to the base. Overall it was a killer combination for me. But fellas, if you are a person who prefers ONLY spicy food, then be aware of it as it doesn’t have those elements to satisfy you. It is an Italian dish, as it should be. In spite of my love for spicy food, if at all the chef had chose to add that extra spice to meet the spicy food criteria, it would have destroyed that yummy experience for me! It was just like the way I like a frittata to be.


Next in line for the tasting was, no cheese Garlic bread. I must admit, this was the first time I ever had a Garlic bread that was not topped with cheese. The bread used was excellent; It was soft and fluffy and had a flavour of its own. The bread was roasted with garlic pieces and spices to go with it. This was ok but could have been even better. We suggested that so many garlic chunks can be a put off for many and a mild flavour of garlic would go well with the bread! They promised to work on the suggestion, and I recently came to know that they are implementing it.

garlic bread

Raghav and I not being light eaters, requested for a rice item next. As for a south Indian, any meal without rice is a big NO. Rana, our host, was quick enough to suggest a perfect dish for us, which is vegetable rice. We opted for this instead of omelet rice to check out few options for vegetarians. An interesting fact about it is that the hot garlic sauce base used to flavour this rice in fact made from scratch and not a store brought sauce. Being a spicy food lover, I just loved the spicy flavour of the rice with an added crunch of vegetables in between. When a vegetable base rice is used for omelet rice, the quantity of the veggies would be adequate in the rice, but as we ordered vegetable rice without an omelet, we mentioned our view of incorporating more veggies into it. I felt glad to know that they even considered it and made the changes as required.

Hot garlic sauce flavoured vegetable rice

Later on, I treated myself with Egg roles, which reminded me of my trip to Thailand. These quick bites are quite famous there and also very affordable for people traveling on a budget. The chef succeeded in making a simple version of that without the inclusion of a lot of oil and topped it with spices. They were so soft that they just melted in the mouth!

Egg rolls

Not but not the least, we ended our food journey with delicious curd rice. Not a routine but a variation that is made using Kodo-millets. I know it just sounds like one of those very healthy but average tasting foods. But, trust me when I say it was THE delicious curd rice! Moreover, it is one of a kind variation of crud rice that is light on the stomach. So, I could forget the calorie count and just dig into it! Though we didn’t have a full portion of this dish, I am sure this alone would be a filling meal for one without making one feel full and bloated!

Kodo Millet curd rice

Here ends my food journey with Eggsplode! I am going to order and try other items on the menu soon enough. And yes, it is the kitchen for corporate, so, there is no dine-out, and only an online order service is available. You can find them on Zomato here.

On the whole, I rate Eggsplode 4 out of 5!

Eggsplode Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Try the yummy, healthy and delicious food from the kitchen of Eggsplode and let me know what you loved the most!

*PS: Special thanks to the chef’s Vijay and Ravi for such a palate satisfying meal.

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