28 Bloggers buckled up for a month-long blog hop! How does it work out? How will it be managed? Will it actually succeed? These were the questions I had in my mind when the blog hop was about to commence at the start of this month! 

But to my surprise, Shalz handled all of it like a pro! With the collaboration of #WordSante by Namy it feels like a walk on a cake. At least if I speak from my experience, so on so forth it has been a smooth ride without any mashup or hard stops! I can only image how these two remarkable women are working like hell to make it a success.

Well, finally the day for featuring my guest post on Anagha’s blog had arrived yesterday and I must say that all the adjectives which best describe excitement fit in to express my feeling then! It was my first ever guest post I wrote for someone, so maybe I was way too much excited to see it go live!

It happened and Anagha was such a sweetheart in this ride. She supported me and made sure that my silly wishes be taken care of. Thank you for that Anagha! Hope I did not cross my line with too many requests 😛 and Thank you Shalz for inviting me to take part in this amazing blog hop!

You can check out more about this Blog hop here.

Here you go guys! Over to Canvas With Rainbow blog which hosted my Guest Post on 12th Dec, 2017.

With pleasure, I welcome Keerthi Vydyula on board as my Guest today.. She came across to me as a young, enthusiastic, dedicated, meticulous and most of all a very sweet person; A multi-talented accomplished blogger! Her lens and her thoughts are sure to mesmerize with this Guest Post. Over to you, Keerthi…

Source: Moula-Ali Hills – Hyderabad’s best kept secret! {Guest Post}



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