Title: Between The Pages: And other short stories

Author: Romila Chitturi

Category: Short Stories

Rating: 4/5

Publish Year: 2017

Language: English

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Overview of the book:

Stories, appeal to the power of my imagination, to the curiosity and to my will. They ignite emotions, without having to go anywhere or do anything. What a wordly pleasure. Stories are wisdom. Stories are made by us, for us. Stories are illimitable, afar precincts. A sensation well-loved by me and by you. Stories divulge, revolutionize hearts, transform minds, and change lives.


Between the pages and other short stories is written by Romila Chitturi. The word “Short stories” on the cover page of this edition instantly took me back to my school days and reminded me of those good old days. I used to spend a lot of time in my school library reading books and my favorite was the collection of short stories written by Ruskin bond.

As the author points it right in the foreword that in a busy schedule one has now-a-days it is hard to find time during the day to read a book/novel. It is then, when a quick and refreshing read like short stories play their part and keep us entertained. It does that for me and I guess many more share the same views.

This book contains 10 short stories. One would be really amazed by the diverse characters each short story has and also quite different scenarios of the stories as well. The Author does the trick with a narrative of first-person point of view or perception throughout all the stories. Do not mistake it for single person centric stories when I say first person perspective as she brilliantly shed the light on other elements and characters of the story and each element has its own significance which shines bright throughout the read. That is something I loved about this book.

The characters of each story are close to reality and also are very relatable. One might feel the emotions of those characters while they read. I especially loved the stories which talked about the silent and secret conversations among the books, heart-breaks, longing of a broken soul, dealing with change of course in life and past experiences and memories that have an impact on us. There were a good number of impactful stories, but for me the winner was the take author had on the God; his access to such immense power and how he might me looking at all that power he has.

The author has done a good job in narrating all the stories with ease. The language is simple to follow which make it easier for the reader to connect to the characters in the stories and resonate with them. While some stories immediately grab your attention and connect you with the content of the story there are a couple of stories which I felt should have been a tiny bit more elaborate. The narration of a couple of stories didn’t catch my attention and felt like something is amiss.

On the whole “Between the pages: And other short stories” is a book which has an excellent collection of short stories and are very well narrated by the author. The author did a wonderful job in depicting the emotions of characters and bringing out the true essence of these stories. These are a set of well-crafted stories and I recommend this book to everyone who enjoys reading short stories like me. I sincerely hope Romila continues to provide us with more such diverse content in future.

About Author:

8015855Romila, started writing at the age of 13 when most of the people of her age during the 90’s had other boring interests in life. She turned Blogger at 21 and an Author at 32 for the first time. She has published a considerable number of non-fiction pieces, articles, essays and reviews in print and on the internet.

She is a person who provokes thoughts for deeper reflections in the reader through her words. This is her third eBook, her other titles include – My Writing Workshop and The Three Flowers. You can follow her on Twitter, for your daily dose of realism sandwiched in humour leading to out of the ordinary conversations. 

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