Tomorrow is a big day! God please give me strength to not screw it up again…it is only after ages I got this opportunity….!

Anarghya was talking to herself as she was getting ready for office…


Scared like hell Anarghya started looking around….

“Ha ha ha…You silly girl you really think u could beat them?” The voice started talking yet again, leaving Anarghya confused and scared…

Scared to hell! She ran around in the room and settled in a dark corner, trying to get a grip on every bone in her body and it seemed like she was trying to shrink herself wrapping her hands tight around her body!

She replied to the voice in a feeble tone…and struggling hard to find the words “I can….I want to…why no..t…”

And the voice interrupted again…this time with a stern tone…

“Look around you…Do you have anyone around to support you? You are leading a ridiculous life all alone…”


Anarghya started weeping like a baby for many hours until she fell unconscious in that creepy dark corner of her house…

It was one of the regular episodes she had….it has been a year now that these episodes started to occur. Her doctor declared it as an “illness phobia” she is battling with “Fear of Schizophrenia” after she lost her father to Schizophrenia…!

When she was 14 years old, her parents got divorced and her mother did not opt to take responsibility of her daughter, which left a scar in Anarghya’s heart. Not that she was okay to lose her father over her mother, but she wanted both of them in her life…After the denial from her mother in an open court in front of her, Anarghya being so naïve and innocent was hurt beyond repair…So she ended up with her father who chose not to marry again and they both led an isolated life far from the clutches of dual-faced relatives and society all together.

Her father developed symptoms of Schizophrenia sometime after the divorce and after a long battle for about 7 years he finally gave up his life 2 years back, leaving Anarghya all alone…


Her smart watch started to vibrate on her wrist…It was an alarm she had scheduled for 5 am in the morning…! She woke up feeling embarrassed about what happened the other day…!

“Enough is enough!” She thought… “No one… not even my mind can control me against my wishes…” she said aloud!

After couple of seconds, she realized how lame that sentence was…but she was happy that she could address it loudly..!

It was time to leave for office, to face that big opportunity she had coming in her way…!

“One step at a time…” Anarghya said to herself repeatedly ignoring the imaginary voice in her head, the MONSTER which was trying to discourage her…

Though she couldn’t manage to get that promotion which she was aiming for…Anarghya was happy that she at least tried…!

Finally…The Monster in her head started to fall weak and heart was more in control than ever…! She could see the monster all tied up with chains unable to move…she stared at the monster with a smile on her face…

The sight of the struggling monster pleased her and she fell asleep…dreaming of more wondrous opportunities that are waiting for her in near future…!





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