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It was 8:30am and I woke up with an FB message notification on my phone….It was from our LeoTribe group! I guess we are the most active group and our chit-chat never ends…! Vinay makes sure the group doesn’t stay silent πŸ˜› and is always around when one need help…which is the best part..!

As I checked my phone and read the chat that followed, I was worried; I had no thoughts on write-up for the Friday’s prompt and most of them in my group already came up with ideas for Friday’s post and some were done with Monday’s prompt as well! (Writetribe Problogger challenge).

The 2nd prompt for the Challenge was “Nostalgia”. It has been 2 days and I was dwelling on what to write..! Hours passed quickly…It was 11 Am and I was still thinking!

Finally I gave up and thought of completing my other post (pending since many days!) which is going to be part 7 in my Beauties of Mumbai & Ahmedabad series; started working on it by collecting pictures I wanted to put up in my post!

As I was looking at those pictures a flash of memories reeled in front of me and suddenly for a moment it took me back to those fun times I had with my sibling (Deepthi). I remembered the incidents fondly and started smiling as I recalled each moment!

I felt nostalgic thinking about that wonderful time we had and wished we made it possible again soon enough! Thus it struck me! Why not document our 2nd day in Ahmedabad through a photo-log?

I ditched my initial plan of writing a fiction! and chose a photo-log instead…So here it goes…

It was our day 2 (26th Nov, 2016) in Ahmedabad and we both were excited about what’s in store for us that day. 

We engaged an auto until 4 in the evening for Rs. 200 and the autowala agreed on taking us to Jain temple, Dada Harir Vav and Sabarmati ashram. So for roughly 6 hours he charged us just 200 bucks and took me by surprise!

Hutheesing Jain Temple:

By 10 Am we were at “Hutheesing Jain Temple”. I have always been a fan of Jain temple architecture so missing out on that when we were in Ahmedabad was a not happening!

If you have not been to a Jain temple before then u must for sure…I will try my best to convince you to take the thought of visiting a Jain temple seriously through my clicks…

Kirti Stambh, this majestic structure stands tall in-front of the main building of the temple.IMG_8431

The temple is surrounded by a main building on 4 sides and these are the corridors of the double-storied main building. 


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One of the many beautiful and stunning sculptures carved onto the structure of the temple! And that is me in the adjacent click…standing in a corner leaning onto the temple structure! The Temple is at the center surrounded by main building on 4 sides.


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The entrance was undergoing some repair and maintenance work during our visit…Hence included an which shows the basic outline of the temple plan which I have picked from wiki links. (Image Source)…Isn’t it beautiful?


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Dada Harir Vav:

It is located in Haripura (neighborhood of Asarwa village) which is a part of Ahmedabad. We reached here by 12:30 PM. Sadly, the whole structure was under going maintenance and stairs leading to the well were covered in chemicals… Though the workers warned us not to proceed, we requested them to give us couple of minutes so that we can quickly go all the way down and be back in no time. Some how, carefully placing our steps we reached the bottom and I had used that opportunity to click couple of pictures. Though we did not get to spend much time here, we were happy (Even though it was only for couple of minutes) that we at least got a chance to have a quick look.


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Sabarmati Ashram:

It is located on the banks of river Sabarmati. As soon as we entered I could sense an absolute peace in my surroundings. Most of the area is covered with trees. Everyone who came to visit the place were in their best behavior ever. Out of respect for Mahatma no one was creating a fuss or nuisance in the premises (I didn’t find even a single person talking in higher-tone!), so naturally it was very peaceful. 

We hardly talked as we moved ahead; Just enjoyed what we witnessed and I went on with my routine of taking a few clicks….

Guess there is no need of introduction to the Mahatma…I have included few photos of interesting stuff that caught my attention….

Below are the slide show of images….


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Some of the items used by Gandhi Ji and Kasturba Gandhi…


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As we completed our look around of the ashram and sat under a tree just to rest for a while…the sight of this little girl gazing at the river caught my attention…Would love to know your thoughts on this picture! 

As for me this picture convey a thousand words….I was so smitten by this view…!IMG_9447

One of the kutir was transformed into a space where arts and crafts made by children were being displayed. We were informed that it was being organised by an NGO which under take children living on streets, educate them and they also help them earn some money by providing them a platform to sell their creations. One can buy the anything from this store and all the money earned through these sales are used for the benefit of the children. Below are the pictures of crafts done by those children… 


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It was already 2:30 Pm and Deepthi had a workshop to attend at IIM so we returned to the hotel, had our lunch and then Deepthi left for workshop on time! I promised her a treat of local cuisine that day, so utilized the time I had in searching for foot outlets online and then rested for a while… 

It was already 8 Pm and I texted Deepthi to meet me directly to “Das Khaman” food outlet, where we had yummy “Khandvi”, then took her to “Oshwal food joint” to have some lip smacking “Fafda & Jalebi”

And as we walked back Deepthi noticed “Little Italy” restaurant and after repeated nagging from her, I decided to fulfill her wish (Do we have an option with younger ones? other than saying yes to their wishes?) and took her to the restaurant and kept my promise I made long back, to take her out for dinner to that restaurant (Though the promise was made in Hyderabad, it was fulfilled in Ahmedabad!).

Here is the slide show of lip smacking food we had…!


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We were not able to find transport and ended up walking for a kilometer on empty roads at midnight…then found a ride back to hotel…

We enjoyed our day 2 to the peak and whet to sleep hoping best for the next day…which I will be talking about in my next post. Stay tuned guys!

Until next time…                                                                     


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