“Wolverine” – The marvel comics hero is kind of my first crush 🙂 Umm… Hugh Jackman to be specific!

I clicked this image at a stall in “Comic-con” event that took place in Bengaluru. This was first time ever I attended one such event. When i spotted a Cos-player who was in Wolverine costumes , I ran to get a picture clicked with that cos-player (not that I literally ran!!….Ah Okay! I admit, may be a little). I know he is not the “Hugh Jackman” for real but such was my excitement!

Here is a memory of that moment in a photograph….


I was so smitten by “Comic-Con” that from then I never missed a comic-con event whether I was in Bengaluru or Hyderabad! 

This year it is all set to take place on Oct 14-15 in Hyderabad and I am NOT gonna miss it as-usual! 

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