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This post is written by Saumy Nagayach who blogs at Saumy’s Bag is a software engineer by profession, poet and blogger by heart. He is passionate about photography, considers himself an amateur photographer but I feel he is just being modest in saying so! He loves singing and is pretty good at it; I was fortunate enough to have heard him sing once. He is a food lover, loves sweets and enjoys knowing about history and exploring places with historical significance. He is very kind and friendly person, always available when asked for help. You can reach him on twitter @saumynagayach.

Here it goes…


Yes, I know the atmosphere here is not great for living beings. In such suffocation, how we are holding up in an attempt to grow against all odds displays our ‘never-say-die’ spirit. There is no respite from harsh weather, non-existence of water and pressure of heavy pebbles; to sustain beneath them shows our spirit. The only source of inspiration here is that we have the zeal to live our life to the fullest, despite all the challenges. We are strong from within and value our life to an extent no one can imagine. Nature may not have the best of plans for us in its mind but we know how to fight and stand against every challenge.

We know our beauty and our resistance will be appreciated one day, for sure! It’s just that we have to raise above all the odds and grow till the pebbles get overshadowed by our presence. Though people might not notice our hard work and resilience; we have to keep the faith alive. We have earned our life against all odds. A life full of experiences!

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6 . Post for Day 6, Today’s prompt: “Feature a guest – a guest post / an interview”.


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