“Life never gives me what I want…” Sighed Asha as she checked her phone expecting a whatsapp notification from Shlok that morning. He was her first secret crush and it has been some time now, since she developed feelings for him (That was not the case with shlok though!). A day before that Shlok agreed to help Asha with the English Project assigned by her lecturer (All the first year B.Tech students were assigned with this task). The task was to write one’s thoughts on the topic given. In order to encourage students to interact and discuss, different topic was assigned to each student; Asha’s topic was “If we were having coffee…”

It was Friday; the last date to submit her work. She tried all night and wasn’t anywhere close to complete the task. The previous night, terrified of being embarrassed in front of the whole class, she left a message to shlok on whatsapp asking for help; but dint get any response from him until now! Feeling sad that there is not much time left now, Asha got ready for college and came to the dining table to have her breakfast before leaving for college.

Asha’s dad was already at the table sipping his coffee while reading a newspaper. “Good morning Beta! “ Mr. Kulkarni (Asha’s Dad) watched his little princess, as she sat beside him. “Morning Paapa…” she said in a sad tone. Mr. Kulkarni was surprised by her response as Asha usually is very bubbly and talkative. “Are you alright beta? What is the matter… You know you can talk to me and discuss your problems right?” he spoke softly, in order to make sure, if everything is OK!

Not sure whether she can talk about shlok openly with her dad… “Nothing papa, I had to complete a write-up on the topic ‘If we were having coffee…’ which I dint… and today is the last day for submission. I should have tried harder papa. Now I feel embarrassed and sad that I could complete it on time”…


Mr. Kulkarni interrupted, “Mm… I can tell you a story of my life if you promise me that you will give a sincere try to write it down for your project… Deal?” Out of curiosity to know what he was about to tell her “Mmm… Yes…” she said.

“Well, it happened long back….” Mr Kulkarni started telling the story….

I was in Bangalore then; completed B.A final year. One day, we heard that a new coffee shop opened in Bangalore at brigade road… CCD it was! We were just done with our final year and planned to meet up there to celebrate our graduation.

“Coffee day! Really…! When was it papa?” Asha interrupted…

It was in 1996 beta, it was a big thing then… So we all gathered up at coffee day and were talking about some random stuff and then suddenly this beautiful girl entered into the coffee shop, my heart started thumping as I saw her. She occupied a table and was waiting for someone… I couldn’t believe my eyes! …

“It can’t be true…” I told myself…

“But, she looks just like her, who else it could be…” I thought…

(Trying to control the blush on his face, he continued while Asha smiled…)

When I told my friends what was running in my mind they encouraged me to go and confirm if she was the same friend whom I lost years back; never even got to say a proper good-bye! I was hesitant at first, but later somehow gathered by feet together and approached her… My heart beat started racing!

“She is the one…” I kept telling myself.

To my surprise!  She was the one I thought she was… My tuition teacher’s daughter, the only girl I ever spoke to at school….

“We talked for hours while sipping our coffee; most importantly, we both were happy to have met after so long…!” he said with a smile and lost in memories…

Soon I drifted into flashback… Years back….when it all started…!

It was in 1982; at Coorg, when he was in 4th Standard that he met her. She used to accompany her mom (tuition teacher) to his house, she was her daughter. He was shy to talk to her at first, but then as time passed they became good friends! He was always shy to speak to girls, but with her it was not like that, he could speak his heart out… Sadly, after a couple of years on one summer, by the time he was back from vacations she was long gone from Coorg. He later came to know that her dad got a transfer and they moved to Bangalore. As time passed, he gave up the thought of contacting her and moved on with his life. Never in his life that he expected to see her again…!

Present Day….

“Time flies… he was talking to himself now…

 “Wow, What is her name papa? Where is she now? Are you guys in touch?” Asha asked her dad with her eyes wide open out of excitement…

He then kissed her forehead and said “Reflection of that beautiful woman is right in front of my eyes beta! It was your mother I was talking about…” Asha was all excited when he smiled and left from there to help his wife in the kitchen….

“If we were having coffee… I would tell you this beautiful tale about my parents…” Asha started writing….

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