Maids may come, maids may go; but how many of them stay as wonder women in your life?

I stumbled upon this question as I stumbled upon the trailer of a new Telugu Web series, What’s Up Panimanishi. The name of the series itself is so appealing that it hooked my attention. It rekindled my nostalgic days in Bangalore where I met one such wonder woman, Kiran Didi disguised as a maid!

What’s Up Panimanishi cover photo

Any artistic creation must either resurrect your memories or bring back the people we have forgotten. When I heard the male lead of the show say, ’Jessie, You are a wonder woman,’ to his maid, I was instantly reminded of my maid Kiran Didi.

NO, I am certainly not exaggerating!  Like every other sane person on this planet, I had my share of bad experiences with my maid, before I found her, the super awesome Kiran Didi. So, long story short, I was lucky enough to have her to ease out my messy life. She always kept my house neat & clean and cooked delicious food! I swear her parathas are by far the best I ever tasted, sorry mom!

I still hear her words, ‘Didi aaj gobi paratha bana doon lunch mein?’ as I watch the trailer and re-live those days.

As the characters unfold in the trailer, I keep thinking not only about Kiran Didi but my then-roomie, Namrata. I must admit without these two my Bangalore days would have been nothing short of doomsday. It was like these two people were sent into my life as a blessing!

What’s Up Panimanishi cover photo

Coming back to the trailer that triggered my memories, It is a freshly brewed promising content. I felt very unusual indeed, to see a modern maid running household chores for the derailed households. I think there is a lot of potential to this web series with few strange characters like the weed smoking neighbour who reminded me of  Erlich Bachman from silicon valley and the dummy policeman, who apparently is the boyfriend of the maid, Jessie (played by Dhanya Balakrishna) is also hilarious to watch. As a viewer, I am curious to see how the modern maid, traditional wife (played by Abhirami Iyer) and the caught between husband (role played by Rakendu Mouli) characters would play out comically and become a game changer when the series unfolds! Being in a position to handle so many complex households; without any doubt, the modern maid is indeed going to be the hero of the story. I feel the humorous take on this complex family narrative would be the nail on the wall to make the series a bit hit!

Finally, ZEE5 is undoubtedly on the run for a hat-trick by providing its audience with back to back Original series inTelugu, like What’s Up Panimanishi with diverse content!