Have you ever been in a situation where you turned the wardrobe upside down and still felt ambivalent about choosing the clothing that is just perfect for that occasion? I for one have put myself in that situation so many times that I lost count of it. My problem was very peculiar as then, in my life all the apparel I owned were just Indian Ethnic wear. All I ever did before was just purchase the clothing material of Ethnic Suits and get them stitched. Not once did I considered to at least give kurtis a shot!

Duh! I feel so miserable about my old self when I think about it!

woman wearing a mehendi green kurti

Yup! I know what’s running in your mind! Before it utters out from your mouth, let me accept the fact that my clothing sense was so monotonous, reiterated, recurrent, uniform and unchanged then. And, to make my situation worse, I always ended up choosing either blacks or blues. The dominant colour in my wardrobe was black; I can say that without any second thought. By saying dominant, I mean nearly 70% of the clothes I had then!

On one exceptional day, as I was getting ready for my former Job, I realized that there weren’t any ethnic suits that were ironed! Now if I started to do that then, it was quite evident that I would be late. The reason being I would have to press all three parts of the set that is top, bottom, and chunri. That was the day when I decided to shop for ethnic clothes that I can match with leggings/jeans.

Ta- da…! The lightening finally truck!

I let go my one-sided view of ‘wearing chunri is mandatory’ that day. Surprise, surprise! My eyes magically noticed many other colourful options online as I searched for them that night. Never even in my wild dreams, I thought that the shift in my clothing choices would be so dramatic (bizarre way of enlightening myself, to be frank)!

As we ladies know, when it comes to wardrobe choices, we Indian women are bestowed with many fashion trends at our disposal! So after living almost half my life in ignorance, I was introduced to the world of colourful apparel, and slowly but eventually there came a day when my wardrobe was NOT all about monochromatic colours and similar looking clothing!

Since then I tried on everything that interested me varying from kurtis that fall into Indian wear and western wear like shorts that are an extreme opposite of Ethnic wear! I still remember the first purchase I made long back from an online store called Craftsvilla after I broke my long run of wearing only tailor stitched Indian Ethnic Suits! How can I forget that lilac-purple coloured Kurti with beautiful hand embroidery all over it! You can find here a link that offers you a sneak peek into their collection!

dress styles collage

Well, though I am trying hard not to exaggerate my feeling then like that iconic scene of Jaya Bachan from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, I somehow feel like I am doing the same, not the opposite! What can I say, the drama is in my blood!

I am sure everyone has that standalone moment in life that encouraged them to try different things in life. Ahem! Those different things involve notable wardrobe changes as well like I had in my life. At least I hope that includes it (wink)!

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