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5:00 in the morning, Raheem Chacha, as he was lovingly called in the locality, stretched hard, sat up and said his daily little prayer thanking the Almighty. He left the bed to welcome the new day and headed for his daily chores.

Today was a big day for him. Although, he had the same work to do, under the same circumstances, around the same people, yet the day will determine a lot of things for him and his family. Raheem Chacha’s mind was racing about the activities for the day while he robotically got ready for work.

“Bye, Abba.” said his son, beaming at him.

Waving back to his son, Raheem Chacha tied the trunk and a box tightly to the back seat and hung the big bag on the handle of his motorbike.

Despite having limited means, Raheem Chacha was never deterred from helping others regardless of age, religion, and caste. This is another reason there were often rows between him and his wife. Raheem Chacha many times readily used to give away the biscuits and namkeen puffs his wife used to make to sell, to the needy.

Zakina was not wrong too. Their family of two adults and three children were surviving barely. She knew they could do well financially. Her puffs were liked by all who bought it, and Raheem and Zakina could give their children a better childhood than children in their neighbourhood. But, Raheem’s helping nature is not leading them much farther.

Hence, today, Raheem Chacha left home with a strong heart and determination that everything he has in his trunk is for sale and not for free giveaways.

Half way through this commute, he noticed a pair of twins on a construction site. The urge to give those kids something from his trunk hit him hard, but today, he had to control his emotions. So, Raheem Chacha quickly averted his gaze and fixed it on the road towards his destination which was still an hour away.

However, Raheem Chacha’s heart was made of pure gold and is always eager to help the needy regardless of his own sufferings. So, just a kilometer ahead, he took a U-turn and stopped his bike at the construction site. He offered a few packets of biscuits and namkeen puffs to the kids and some more to the other kids who had gathered around him in no time.

By the time he was done pampering these kids, around one-fourth of his namkeen puffs had been distributed. Raheem Chacha sighed and imagined the furious reaction of Zakina in the evening when he would return home. But, the satisfaction of helping the needy, especially children was much more than his hardships.

He brushed away the evening scene and turned on the ignition of his bike and continued on his journey.

One day, Raheem Chacha was wandering through the market, thinking what more can he do to increase the income flow, when he noticed a medium-sized confectionery shop. He thought of trying his luck and entered the shop. He requested the shopkeeper to taste his biscuits and namkeen puffs. He knew these were loved by everyone who ate them.

The shopkeeper had no doubt liked the snacks and was a good-hearted man too. So, he offered a deal to Raheem Chacha. Raheem Chacha since that day is delivering his entire stock at the confectionery, every day.

There was only one condition by the shopkeeper though. Raheem Chacha would be given the money for the sold quantity the next day but, he would have to take home the leftover items. And, the day the ratio of unsold quantity increased even little to the sold items, the deal would be cancelled right away.

Raheem Chacha instantly agreed. He was confident about the snacks his wife made.

Raheem Chacha never brought home any leftover stock till now. Not one day.

This is the reason Zakina always criticizes Raheem Chacha’s big heart. Because the more he delivers, the higher their income would be.

He reached the confectionery after an hour and started unloading the stock with the help of a salesman at the shop, when he was called by the owner. The normally jolly owner today looked serious and Raheem Chacha’s heart started pounding, his mind filled with all kinds of thoughts.

“Ji Sahab”, Raheem Chacha greeted the owner with folded hands.

“Raheem, you have been supplying to my shop over the last two years and there has never been any complaint whatsoever regarding your items till date.” the owner paused.

Raheem Chacha was perplexed and could not or rather did not want to comprehend where this may lead. So, he listened and waited.

“But yesterday, a customer came in to buy some stuff and noticed your namkeen puffs. He asked if he could get a sample. After two hours I received a call from the customer. His voice sounded serious.” the owner was watching Raheem Chacha carefully during the conversation.

Raheem Chacha waited with bated breath, praying silently, hands still folded, and forehead covered in sweat.

“And… “ Another pause. A long one!

Raheem Chacha was sure he would get a heart attack any time, for his heart was pounding frantically.

“And the customer… the customer loved you puffs so much that he has placed a really big order for a party at his place”, grinned the owner while finally spilling the beans for Raheem Chacha.

Raheem Chacha, for a moment, couldn’t believe his ears and his fate. Tears trickled down his eyes. This was a big moment. He could not wait to tell Zakina about it.

He thanked the shopkeeper for the day when he had given him the chance to sell his namkeen puffs and biscuits in his shop.

“Raheem, the customer would be here soon. He wanted to meet you and talk directly. He wants the order pretty soon. So, you better think it through and then only accept it. He is a good customer and I cannot let him go.” the shopkeeper this time actually serious, instructed Raheem Chacha.

Raheem Chacha nodded in understanding, assuring the shopkeeper that he would never let him down.

‘Zakina will have to tire for a few days, but I’m sure she can do it. She’s hardworking and listening to the opportunity she would not waste a second too’, thought Raheem Chacha while waiting for the customer.

The world is round. What goes around comes around. His God has been watching him. He could now give a better future to his children. Raheem Chacha thanked the Almighty for everything he has today. Raheem Chacha in his heart always knew if you do good to others, good will come to you.

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