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‘Aaj jaane ki zid na karo… Yoonhi pahlu mein baithe raho…’
A melodious song was playing from an old gramophone record. Gramophone was one of the many vintage collections which Veena had! Her morning usually starts with a cup of tea and melodious music in the background.
Meanwhile Radha was in the store room. She was busy with cleaning when something among that junk caught her attention.

“Emerald green, cobalt blue and what is this, sepi…sepia!” Radha started reading out loud.  Anyone who heard her voice could have easily noticed her excitement as she read them loud.

Radha was one of the 10 other students whom Veena took the responsibility of covering expenses for their education until they passed the 12th standard.  After that when Radha was about to give up her studies in order to support her family by working full time at a restaurant, Veena offered her the same amount in return for aiding her with household work. All she had to do was work in a couple of hours in the morning.  That was the only way she could make Radha not quit her education as she was adamant about not accepting financial aid from her.

Radha was 16 years old when she first began working at Veena’s place. But never did Veena notice Radha’s love for painting or art in general.

It was Diwali eve and Veena thought of getting the old store room cleaned and while cleaning the room Radha found an old box which was overlaid with a layer of dust. The box which had 20 colors of Gamblin’s oil paints!

Radha was excited to see so many colors at once and started reading out the names on the labels slowing…

“Do you like painting Radha?” asked Veena who was standing behind her.

Radha was startled at first by the question as she was completely cut off from this world and all her senses were set on those oil paints.

“Sorry Didi. I will put them back in soon.  I was just trying to read the labels” she responded.

“It seems like you didn’t understand my question Radha. The question was about your liking for painting!” Repeated Veena; her eyes fixed on Radha waiting for a response.

“Yes Didi. But I never painted using oil paints.  Baba couldn’t afford to buy them for me when I was younger, so I started making watercolors and still use the same when I paint.”

“Hmm… Pick that box and come-along” said Veena and started walking towards the hall.

As they were walking the hall, Veena stopped to quickly pick a set of keys from a vintage desk drawer. The keys were to unlock the corner room which had not been opened for 5 years now.

It was her son’s room, which he used for painting. That room witnessed many beautiful strokes which created masterpieces.  He was famous for his artistic creations.  A fatal accident took him away and since then the room was shut away!

Today, when Veena saw the excitement in Radha, it reminded her of Ajit.  It brought back many sweet memories which she held dear.

All those memories flashed in her thoughts as she opened that room. Radha quickly cleaned a chair and Veena sat on it and pointed towards an art easel and a canvas beside it.

 Veena looked at Radha, her eyes were moist and her expression was as if she was asking for affirmation and unable to believe what she just saw.  Radha nodded and insisted her to begin.

For the first time ever, Radha was about to use oil colors and she was totally excited about it! Painting is like a trance to her; once she enters into that mood then the world around her feels like it doesn’t exist anymore.

Her wrist moved with at-most ease and colors flowed from the brush as if they are destined to be used by her to create a beautiful painting!

On that day she painted with her heart’s content and Veena was just watching her in action and reminiscing memories of her son!

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