This post is very special to me. Today, I’m going to introduce my dear friend, Harini Sripathi, who has just started her own blogging journey. She is an avid reader, loving mother, wonderful friend, and a very talented person! I can tell you all with a hundred percent certainty that you will enjoy reading what she has to say. We know each other for over a decade now and have been through thick and thin together. She has been and continues to be my support system!

I’m proud as well as excited to think that from today, my best buddy will be there alongside me in this blogosphere. It’s like a dream come true.

I hope you give your support and love to her blog as she commences her journey. It would give her a lot of joy too.

So without further ado… I present to you her blog: Cookie Hobby. If you love her writing, leave her a comment. Here is her first post!  SCRIBBLE


That’s Me and Harini <3


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