It is strange how unexpected joys fill our life with positivity. Yet many a times, we choose to ignore them by trying so hard unnecessarily, increasing our expectations limitlessly and eventually hit rock bottom. Yet again my concept of “Zero expectations = Ultimate happiness” proved to be right. It was my birthday yesterday and serendipitously, my life was filled with bundles of joy and precious memories when I had least expected it!

Be it a special day or not, I always like to engage myself in doing something. So, yesterday was no different and I treated myself on my birthday with a movie ticket to the most awaited movie “Thor: Ragnarok”. It was being screened in one of the biggest movie screens in the world! Prasad’s Multiplex had introduced India’s first IMAX screen and continues to be the most loved multiplex of the city. Sadly, the former Largest IMAX Screen is no longer screening IMAX films due to the unavailability of digital projector for the very large screen. They are still in talks with IMAX on a suitable cost effective technology to present IMAX Digital films. Nevertheless, it is always a delight to watch a movie on such a large screen and not to forget the 12,000-watt sound system!


So back to my story… my day started with the pleasure of watching one of the most awaited movies on a massive screen!

After that, I went to Starbucks. I hold a membership card of Starbucks and they give me the treat of a free beverage of my choice from their long menu. Being an avid coffee lover, this treat was something I was not going to miss!

The Starbucks treat got sweeter when a sudden plan fell into place and was successful too. After 6 long years, my friend Harini and I met up with our college buddy Varun! To add to the joy, Harini had this unique idea to turn the tiramisu slice into my birthday cake, and the spoon into a makeshift knife! How delightfully unforgettable!



Over the next couple of hours, we talked a lot about anything and everything from our college life… right from names and roll numbers to our beloved lecturers and other funny incidents! I’m really glad for these conversations over coffee!

As if that was not enough, on my way back I met my lovely cousins Hasi and Dimpu, and their very cute dog Ravan 🙂 at their place.

After an eventful day, and a small pitstop for some personal work, I returned home to see that Deepthi was waiting for me! Despite me telling her repeatedly not to open my parcels without asking me, she was busy in opening the parcel which was received by my mom in the morning. I didn’t even bother to take a look at the name on the parcel then because I was sure that it was for Deepthi, and not for me as I hadn’t placed any order!

So when she told that the parcel was actually for me and not for her, I became all the more curious and excited to know what it was! Then Deepthi handed me a gift; a book named Sapiens written by Yuval Noah Harari. Books are the most treasured things in my life and I felt very happy that D chose to gift me a book!


My friend, Jay arrived to wish me and he too had brought a gift! The day was turning into a gift spree, I thought, and happily opened the gift wrap! Ta-da…! It was Nescafe’s Limited edition coffee powder and a beautiful bright red mug! I love, love, love coffee, so was delighted with Jay’s choice of gift!


So, let me get back to the mystery parcel! I opened it happily, and saw that it was a book again! It was The Ministry of Utmost Happiness by Arundhati Roy and the book looked beautiful in its hardcover and jacket! The smooth texture of the pages was something I loved the most. I became doubly excited and curious as the gift had no note inside, and I didn’t know who it was from!


Jay insisted that he had ordered it for me and it was one of his other surprises. I thanked him for that beautiful book. Then Deepthi revealed her other surprise for me!  D had put lot of effort and thought in choosing the most beautiful cake for me. Each cupcake represented different emotions in life.


As per our Indian culture, after tika & arti, the elders of the family gave me their blessings. And then, we started the cupcake cutting!



It was only when Jay was about to leave he mentioned that the book was not gifted by him, and that he had told so only to keep my curiosity at bay until the surprise cake cutting was done. Now I just had to know who sent it! So I bombarded many of my friends with messages asking them if they had ordered it for me! It turned out to be my dear friend Saumy who had sent it! He had forgotten to add the gift wrap option, but was very happy that it added another precious and unforgettable memory to my special day! Now the books decorate my bookshelf!


On the whole, it really was a wonderful day! It started with the midnight wishes from family and friends, and wishes continued through the day, filling my basket with joy when I least expected it!

Yesterday, my belief of “Having no expectations is the key to ultimate happiness” became rooted even more strongly in my heart!

So let me thank each and every one who wished me on my special day and made it more beautiful…

Manila & Seshu Thank you for the loving wishes from overseas!

Deepthi, Ashok and Vinay R Thank you for the midnight wishes!

Harini & Varun The meet was extraordinary and thank you for making it happen!

Hasi, Dimpu & Ravan Thank you for the time you guys spent with me on my B’day!

Deepthi & Jay Thank you for making my day extra special. I loved the cake D <3

Last but not the least…

Saumy Thank you for that wonderful and thoughtful gift and making my day even more memorable by becoming the mystery person who sent me a gift without a note! 😀

Sunny For showing me how beautiful and simple life can be without expectations!

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