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As I discussed in my previous post the journey from Mumbai to Ahmedabad left me with mixed feelings.

It was 10:30 by the time we reached Ahmedabad. We booked a taxi and headed to the hotel we pre-booked through Oyo rooms. We felt a sudden jolt like a shock as we reached the hotel (which was near Old ashram road). The striking images of the hotel rooms shown in oyo rooms didn’t justify the look of the hotel; this was a blow we were not prepared for!

exterior-view.jpgExterior view of the hotel (Image Source)

A staff member was waiting for us at the entrance as we informed them prior that we would arrive anytime soon. I kept telling myself that “Don’t judge the hotel just by its exterior looks!” I kept my spirit high and followed the person….As we moved ahead we passed through a walk way which was very shady and stinky, with pan spits everywhere. Still I kept telling myself that “Its OK, everything is going to be all right! It is just an old building with no other way in except this!”

The hotel lobby and rooms were OKish! Rooms were small but we had no other option left but to stay, so had to compromise on that. Also the room cleaning was not done properly before we were allotted those rooms, cleaning was done only after my request. Deepthi me and Rupali (one among 3 of Deepthi’s friends) shared a room, other two guys Karan and Vamshi settled in another room.

The staff of the hotel was quite helpful though. The hotel kitchen was closed by then, but on our request they got us food from a Punjabi Dabha nearby. “At least our hunger was served well” I thought!

By not letting the initial welcome of the city cloud our judgment, we decided to stop worrying about the comforts of hotel room and plan ahead for next day instead. We all decided on booking an OLA rental and cover places nearby Ahmedabad, first on the list was “Adalaj Stepwell”, we all agreed on that and called it a day. I was damn tired by the journey. That night I slept like a baby!

“Ding-dong!” The doorbell rang.

It was then we had our senses back and woke up from a sound deep sleep. The bell was to remind us of our complimentary breakfast. We quickly freshened up and before going for breakfast thought of making arrangements for our ride and checked Ola rentals. The price increased drastically! So we opted for a Zoom car and booked that instead. Time slot of 12 Pm was confirmed, so once that stuff was sorted out we left for having breakfast.

I can’t say anything but this….That day for the first time in my life I hated idly! It felt like rubber as I chewed and I gave up my thought of completing it and instead had Aloo bajji. It was very oily but there weren’t any other options either! Do not get me wrong when I say that, being south Indian I love idly with sambar and chutney than anything else and when someone defies it by making it in-consumable, makes me go nuts!

We were screwed in many possible ways that day and this was just a start! As we reached our pickup point for the car we booked, we were informed that wrong car was sent to us on our booking and need to wait until the changes take place from their end. After a long wait of 2 hours 30 min and repeated follow-up finally we were provided with a vehicle!

IMG_20161125_124134.jpgYeah that’s me arguing with Zoom Car customer care executive!

It was already a bad start of our 4 day trip in Ahmedabad still our fate laughed at us as if that wasn’t enough! We left from there in the vehicle provided and after a ride of 10 minutes into the city, we were stopped by the traffic police and came to know from them that the number plate of the cab was not adhering with the rules and regulations, so we had to pay fine for driving that car! After this massacre we moved ahead hoping that moments to come will prove us wrong and  bad impressions on Ahmedabad will just vanish!

As it happens, beauties of Ahmedabad proved me wrong and apart from few ups and downs, we had a pretty decent and memorable trip. I will post about it in my next post. Stay tuned guys!

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