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I came to know about Haji-Ali-Dargah from a friend of mine and wanted to visit that place since then, so naturally once that we covered chowpatty beach (which was covered in my previous post) our next stop was dargah.

We reached there by 7:30Am. Haji-Ali-Dargah is located on the islet off the coast of worli, which comes under the southern part of Mumbai. It is one of the most famous and recognizable landmarks of the city. Its structure is a perfect example of Indo-Islamic architecture. It is connected to the city through a causeway which is nearly a kilometer. Dargah contains the tomb of Sayed Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari, a wealthy Muslim merchant who gave up all his possessions before his pilgrimage to Mecca.  I won’t bore you with the geographical details; guess I covered the basic info.

IMG_9234-2.jpgBeautiful view of Haji-Ali-Dargah; as it was lit by the golden rays of sun!

I loved the view of it right from the start before we even started walking towards it. The beautiful backdrop of the sea and sky behind the dargah was spectacular. I felt, it would be even more beautiful with sunset as back drop, my wish was not fulfilled in this trip but I have plans of another visit in future.

We were lucky that the causeway was not submerged by the tides at the time of our visit hence we enjoyed the walk to the dargah. By now the sun was high up in the sky and looked like it was tearing down the sky scrapers to hold its spot.

IMG_9233-2My Love for silhouette photographs never seems to fade!

IMG_9225-2View of the City from the causeway leading to dargah…

As we walked along I took the quick snaps of my surrounding which caught my eye.

IMG_9224-2What do I say about this click…It just caught my eye! May be Two crows having a serious discussion on their plan for the day?!?!

IMG_9230-2.jpgThis old man here was cleaning the weighing scale when I clicked his picture. Instead of begging like many old age persons over there (Who were sitting opposite to him), he chose to earn a living by doing some kind of work. That intrigued me and I wanted to preserve this memory! 

We made our way into dargah and explored for a while; suddenly we a man singing gazals in the premiss of dargah. He was completely immersed in his singing and emotions were resonating in his voice. It was almost like his voice was finding its own way to reach almighty. As he sang the place seemed suddenly very peaceful than before and drove everyone’s attention towards him.


Impressed by his vocals we offered him money as gracious gift and moved ahead.

Our next stop was Gateway of India, which I will be covering in my next post soon enough..!

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