Today’s prompt of “Feature a map and write about a place either real or virtual” reminded me of this funny story that happened many years ago… Here it goes…

“If only Amma would let me munch-in few cashew nuts…!” was my thought as I walked home from school. It was a tiresome last day at school for that academic year and I was happy and excited for the summer holidays to come. Many of us already made plans on how to spend our summer vacations. I was super excited about summer vacations as my dad promised to take us to the ocean world. The plan was to stay at my aunt’s place for a few weeks and roam around Hyderabad. Ocean world was one of the places we were going to visit. I was damn hungry, so for a while kept all those thoughts aside and quickly reached home, freshened up and sneaked into the kitchen.

It was a well-planned attempt to steal those (dry-fruits) under my mom’s nose. When I was about to celebrate my victory, I heard a voice from behind “Chinni..! You will gain more weight if you eat without any control! How many times do I have to tell you?” shouted my mom with a furious but concerned tone. “Please mom! I will just have one… What is going to happen by eating a single cashew nut???”… I tried to convince her, but my innocent acts didn’t do the trick and she refused, saying that it’s not going to stop with one cashew nut (well that was true!). Disappointed, I went to bed by refusing to eat Poha which she prepared for me.

Wheeze. Wheeze..! The sound of a whistle woke me up!

With my eyes partially open, I started to scan my surroundings to figure out the origin of the sound and found myself in the middle of a garden surrounded by the spectacular view of luscious green patches. There was no one around me! Confused and even scared a bit, I walked out of my bed and started looking for my mom… At some distance I found a house which looked just like my home so ran towards it. Once entered, I noticed that the walls and all other stuff…basically the whole house was made of dry fruits!!!


The house had a garden in the back yard, with plants and flowers made of dry fruits! I entered the house curiously. To my surprise! Even the interiors of the house like furniture, toys and utensils were also made of dry fruits. All excited! I quickly tried to pick a piece of cashew nut out of the furniture. But I was not able to take out even a single dry-fruit out of them! Disappointed with what just happened, I then proceeded towards my room. As soon as I entered my room, heard a weird sound from my bathroom and opened the door out of curiosity to see what was happening.

Those weird sounds were coming out of the shower, so I started turning the tap off in order to make that sound stop. What happened next stunned me! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Cashews, raisins and almonds were popping out of my shower instead of water! I was overjoyed and without a minute to waste, tried to get hold of a handful of dry-fruits and……..I woke up! It was then I realized it was just my dream! This was one weird yet funny dream I ever had. Even today, the thought of that funny dream of a mystical land with a dry-fruit house makes be laugh!!!

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6 and this is my post for Day 3 for the prompt “Feature a map and write about a place either real or virtual” #WTFOW


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