A thought about nature reminds me of beautiful depiction of Ruskin Bond about nature, one I read, when I was young…

“Nature doesn’t promise you anything – an afterlife, rewards for good behavior, protection from enemies, wealth, happiness, progeny, all the things that humans desire and pray for. No, nature does not promise any of these things. Nature is a reward in itself.”


Well, such is the aura, Nature carries within itself. My schooling played a major role in molding my interest and love for nature for sure. I still profoundly remember the day, when a small Neem tree was planted in front of our classroom, and it was the responsibility of students to take care of it and nourish it. At first, it has been a duty to water it daily, as instructed by my class teacher. But, as the months passed by, I didn’t even realize when it turned into a loving responsibility. And, I must say, the joy I used to feel by seeing it grow in inches was immense. It prompted many questions in me about nature! And its power of creation and destruction intrigued me. The fondest memories of my childhood are the days I spent with my friends playing around and having lunch under those massive trees at my school. Even today, whenever I visit the town where I spent most of my childhood, it has become a habit to pay a visit to my school and catch a glimpse of that tree.

Beauty of nature encouraged me to develop love towards photography as well. My first ever photograph was a Parrot sitting on a coconut tree. It all started then.


Now-a-days, in many ways the nature reserve is getting destroyed directly or indirectly by the actions of humans. If I can do little to conserve it, then that means a world to me. Someone was right when they said… Nature is not a place to visit, its home!

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