There is a saying that ‘A father will always have a special place in his heart when it comes to his daughter, after all she is the princess of his life’. Well, I must say, it’s absolutely true. This photo has a special place in my heart as it depicts the emotion and a bond between father and daughter.

Coming to me, I guess no matter who enters into my life, my father will always be my first love. No one can love his daughter more than him for sure. His presence makes me feel secure and loved. He obviously has done a lot for me and sacrificed many things in his life just to keep me happy, which no one will ever be able to do better than him. Fathers might not always show how much they love you, but one can always feel the essence of it in their actions.

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Like every picture renders a story and most importantly has a memory attached to it, so does this picture. The joyful expression of the man here perfectly captures the love he has for his daughter; irrespective of the physical burden he was going through while carrying her on his shoulders! Such is the love of a father towards his daughter; Its unconditional!! Father’s role in his daughter’s life is considered to be very influential, as he teaches her to be strong and confident irrespective of the situation she is in.
This blog post is a way of showing heartfelt love to all the loving fathers out there, who care for their daughters and love them unconditionally!


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