It was one of my worst days until I made up my mind to visit this place (Thank GOD I did!). I heard about this place through a friend of mine & we planned to go there. But after many failed attempts of planning and re-planning I gave up the idea of going to “Moula-Ali Dargha”.

One day, on my usual routine of going through my FB new feeds, the name “Moula-Ali” caught my attention and quickly reminded me of my wish to visit that place.


Well, actually I didn’t give it a lot of thought; instead I picked my camera and got going. I had great help from Google maps though!!! Without which, I would be lost as the area was quite new to me (Being Hyderabadi, I am well versed with most of the places in Hyderabad, but this time, it felt like there is a lot more to explore).


The first shock for me, as I reached there was that, there were many steps to climb (they scared the hell out of me). Being a bit healthy person, my first thought was that, “Man..!!! I can’t do it… I can’t make it before sunset!” But again, I dint want my plan to check out that place to go in vain, hence I moved ahead.



And I must say, the view was breathtaking and the cool breeze has been just WOW!!! It was worth visiting indeed. I know it sounds a bit exaggerating, but my legs were aching a lot, but the feeling of pain slipped away from my mind as soon as I witnessed the beautiful view.



It was refreshing and peaceful. Time passed like a flick, and I ended up spending 3 long hours there in absolute peace!


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